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Redirection Options

ManageLink offers an advanced array of options to filter & optimize your traffic with the same managed link.

Geo Targeting (States & Country)

You can define a different link for different countries and states. For example, if you want to target people in New York, USA, you can define a different link for this group, and all others will be redirected to the main link.

Device Targeting

Similar to the Geo Targeting, device targeting allows you to target specific devices like different operating systems or mobile phones.

Language Targeting New

Language Targeting works in the same way as the previous options; however, it will redirect users based on their browser language.

Note At the moment, there is a particular priority for these features. Language Device Geo. For example, if you define both a Geo Targeting for New York to and a Language Targeting for English to, then the language targeting will be prioritized so users from New York with English set as their browser language will be redirected to

Meta Tags

You can customize the meta tags for any links. If you use the Direct method, the custom meta tag change will be triggered if and only if you upload a custom meta image. For other redirection types, it will update right away.


You can assign custom Pixels for each short link. These pixels will be triggered upon redirection. Due to the nature of these pixels, a custom intermediary page is required, so users will be waiting for 2 seconds before getting redirected to the target website.

Parameters & UTM Builder

You can define custom parameters and UTM for each short link. These custom parameters will be added automatically to the long link. For example, if you shorten and you set utm_source = email when a user clicks on the short link, the final link will become

Dynamic Parameters/Parameter Forwarder

The script includes a dynamic parameter feature that automatically forwards parameters to the final link. For example, if you shorten and you get, you can assign parameters like and then it will be forwarded to as

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